Beer Pong Patents Revealed

Posted on 29 December 2009 by Tiffany Proctor

Patents are an exclusive right granted by the federal government to the inventors of new and useful machines, articles, substances or processes. After searching the US Patent Office’s website from top to bottom here are three of the very best beer pong inventions ever devised.


Description: A portable cooler and table assembly that may be easily transported in a single, self-contained unit is disclosed. The assembly may be converted for use as a table for a variety of recreational activities, e.g., dining, drinking, games such as ping pong, beer pong, table hockey, card games, board games, preparation for sporting events and meals. The table and cooler may be permanently attached to each other, or alternatively, the cooler may be detachable from the table. The table may fold or collapse to assist in converting the assembly from a compact, lightweight transportable unit into a fully extended and operable table and cooler.

Our Thoughts: This would make the ultimate tailgate table. The only problem we can see is that it would probably cost an arm and a leg if it ever makes it to the retail market. On a side note, I will be submitting a patent for a Beer Pong Table / Gas Grill tomorrow. I SAID IT FIRST NO STEALING!!!!

“DRINKING GAME CUP HOLDER “ aka – Beer Pong Cup Rackbp-rack-copy1

Description: A triangularly configured multi-cup holder is provided and constructed to conveniently hold up to ten cups in a “bowling pin” formation, for use in the drinking game “BeerPong,” or “Beirut,” or similar. The reusable holder includes cup holes in a triangular row formation (back to front) of four, three, two and one cups. Rubber or rubber-like grips on each corner of the bottom of the holder add stability to the cups, via the holder, during use. The uniform and equidistant placement of the holes provides for the correct orientation of the cups for optimal playing of the drinking game mentioned above.

Our Thoughts: We love it! This cup rack is ideal if for only one reason. It will eliminate cups tipping over. ¬†We do see a minor design flaw though. There is no way to re-rack into the “I” rack? (2 cups in a vertical line). We’d also like to see a similar rack that holds 10 cups.

“PORTABLE GAME DEVICE” aka – Beer Pong Table

Description: A playing field is used with a drinking game involving a plurality of cups. It has a playing surface with a means for maintaining the playing surface in a horizontal position. The playing surface is disposed on a planar member and has cup-receiving recesses. In some embodiments, the playing field is a planar member that rests upon a table, while in other embodiments the playing field is a table. The planar member may have first and second portions that are joined along an edge of each portion.

Our Thoughts: There is a million ways to make a beer pong table, but in the end it’s just a table. Anyways, kudos to whoever submitted the patent application for this table, it seems like a home run. Although we do prefer the Cooler Table (Above) as it is portable and (DUH!) has a freaking cooler!


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